What is luxury, by Surendra Rajput

What is Luxury?

Luxury is not getting treatment from the most expensive hospital in USA.

Luxury is *being healthy.

Luxury is not going on a cruise and eating food prepared by a renowned chef.

Luxury is eating fresh organic food grown in your own backyard.

Luxury is not having an elevator in your house.

Luxury is the ability to climb 3-4 stories of stairs without difficulty.

Luxury is not the ability to afford a huge refrigerator.

Luxury is the ability to eat freshly cooked food 3 times a day.

Luxury is not having a home theatre system and watching the Himalayan expedition.

Luxury is physically experiencing the Himalayan expedition.

In the 60s a Car was a luxury.
In the 70s a Television was a luxury.
In the 80s a Telephone was a luxury.
In tge 90s a Computer was a luxury…

So what is a Luxury now??

Being healthy,
Being happy.
Being in a happy marriage
Javing a loving family.
Being with loving friends.
Living in an unpolluted place.

All these things have become rare.
And these are the real ” luxury”.

Jai Shree Radhe.

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