Don’t judge… Like Jesus Christ and Maria Magdalene

The characterless woman:

Once Mahatma Buddha wandered and reached a village. A woman from the village asked him that you look like a prince, so why have you worn this ocher cloth.

The Buddha replied that I have taken renunciation to get the answer of the three questions. Buddha said that at one time our body is young and beautiful but it will also be old, will also be ill and one day will also get death. I had to search for the causes of old age, illness and death. So I took renunciation. The woman was impressed after listening to Buddha and her attitude also shifted towards the teachings of Mahatma Buddha. She became a disciple of Buddha. She faithfully invited the Buddha for a meal.

As soon as other people of the village came to know about this, everyone urged Buddha not to go to the woman’s house. Everyone said that the woman is not eligible for Buddha’s teachings because she is characterless. The Buddha called the head of the village and asked, is this correct? The head of village also agreed with the people of the village.

Then Buddha told the people that can you all clap with one hand and everyone started looking at each other. All the people together said that it is not possible. A clap cannot be played with one hand. Buddha said that it is true that clap cannot be played with one hand.

Similarly, if this woman is characterless, then the men of this village will also be characterless. Otherwise how would that woman be characterless?

All the men of the village were ashamed to hear this thing of Buddha. Then Buddha said that we should assess ourselves, we have to assess ourselves, not the character of others, but we have to be light to ourselves.

So from this we get the education that a person on the spiritual path should improve them by looking at the shortcomings of himself and not assessing the character of others.

Don’t judge others.

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