Buddha and the poor man.

One day a poor man asked the Buddha, “Why am I poor?” The Buddha replied: The reason you are poor is because you do not know how to share and do not know how to share.
Hearing the Buddha’s order, the poor man replied to the Samma Samputa: “I am very sorry, I have nothing to share with others.”

The Blessed One replied, “You have many things to share with others.”
You have a face, you can smile, give a smile to others, make others happy.
You have a mouth, you can use your mouth to say nice words, say useful words, encourage others, make others happy.
The wise can give knowledge to others to dispel the darkness. You have the heart, you should learn to open your heart to others with purity, honesty, truth with compassion.
You have a pair of eyes, you can look at others with compassion.
You have a body, you can use your physical strength to help others when they are in trouble, have a bad emergency all the time.

Think about it, you are not poor. “Poor heart is the name of the real poor. In fact, we can all be” givers “because giving does not only refer to money and material things.

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